I first learned about BP4 through my friend Billy and I remember not knowing any other carbon bars that looked like the BP4’s. Their shape and design caught my eye because they are unique which I really like. They are really nice quality carbon and do not flex much at all when I am sprinting on the drops. I really like that, because of their unique design, there are multiple spots to place your hands. You can place them up at the top, on the first down curve, on the sides, or on the drops. I like to place my hands on the top when I’m just cruising because it feels good on my back. Also the drops are very well angled which lets me take in more oxygen when sprinting so that I can have more endurance. They are very light weight, sturdy, comfortable, and also aerodynamic. The BP4’s are the best carbon bars I have ever owned and rode with!

Ride on!


Thanks to the BP4 Design bar, I have never been more excited to race my bike. In the past I felt like I was fighting the wind and I could not get as low as I wanted. The BP4 Design Breakaway bar has allowed me to get so much lower and hold it comfortably. Now I rest assured that when I am putting out 800 watts stretching the rubber band at the front of the breakaway that every watt I put out is being exchanged for forward motion. I love this game changer of a product as it allows my hoods to be about where my drops used to reside. I run a negative 28 degree stem and have never been happier to race my bike especially knowing that I am no longer fighting the wind. I am one of the bigger guys in the peloton and its great even at 6’2″ being able to disappear behind much smaller riders. The diagonal drop portion is incredible to be able to get my elbows tucked in as I am on the top portion of the bar. In reality you still have a flat base portion big enough for your hands as with a traditional bar for those recovery days or between intervals when you don’t need to be aero. I have been waiting for a product like this for a decade now and BP4 was able to deliver impeccably.

Ronnie Toth

Oooo I rode them for the first time today on a group century. So comfy my favorite is how low I can get on them in the drops! I also really like the feel when my hands were on the hoods and I was climbing it felt like I was still in the drops. I also usually get back pains about 60 miles into a ride but not today. I don’t know if that’s enough to say its the bars but my comfort level today was great in the saddle. I expect that to continue thanks to you.


I have found out that in uphills with a gradient of 10-20% or so with positioned extra far back on the saddle and the hands in the BP4 position of the handlebars, I get extra power. A clear noticeable difference in the legs & breathing.


The single most comfortable bar I have ridden. Incredibly ridged, responsive and light, but still helps to put me into an aerodynamic position. The flattened upper part of the BP4 handlebar allows for a comfortable grasp, and the rigidness of the drops allow for explosive sprinting.


I have had my bp4 Carbon bars for a few months now, and so far I am in love. I have put a couple hundred miles in them, and I have never felt so comfortable. I like the position change it gives you in your bike, making for a very comfortable ride on top of the bars, and an aggressive and aero ride while in the drops. Bp4 design are changing things, and I would highly recommend these bars to any rider looking for a fast and comfortable ride.

Billy Taylor

I really like them in general, even though I wasn’t sure I would when I first saw them. They handle well and I think they make climbing a lot easier.