February 14, 2015 by

Why Do My Wrists Hurt When I Ride?

What can I do to keep my hands from going numb when I ride? There are a few reasons why your wrists hurt when you ride.  It could be that the bike is not fitted for your body, wrong size stem, or maybe it is your handlebars. Most riders spend the vast majority of their time on the hoods. I have found this is to be  true (30 years of riding) because the tops are not comfortable and the drops are no better. The biggest problem I have found is that most handlebars do not follow the natural biomechanics of how we humans are put together. The main reason the tops are like a vast wasteland of real estate is because they cause us to over pronate our wrists and place excess pressure on the radial and/or ulnar nerves. This problem leads to numb fingers and sore wrists. What is the answer for sore wrists and hands when I ride? What we are all looking for is a position that puts our hands, wrists and forearms into a biomechanically correct position. Fortunately for you there is a simple answer and that is the BP4 Handlebar. Why you ask? Well, the answer is simple. BP4 took a look at the biggest drawback of most bars on the market and figured there had to be a better way. You know what, there was. It was soooo simple it has eluded the bike industry for at least a century. I eluded earlier in…

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