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What Riders Saying About Their BP4 Handlebars

BP4 Review: I have probably only put so far a few hundred miles but I love the bars. I can see a huge improvement in speed and effiiency. Also, I have felt a lot less shoulder discomfort, in the past any ride over 35 miles or so my shoulders would give out with a lot of pain and since with the BP4 bars barely any and with that I Love the bars more then anything! Thanks, Mark BP4 Review: “I am lucky enough to have gotten a bar to ride for a couple of months here in Boulder. While everyone has different needs, different preferences and different styles of riding, this is my experience of riding them. It took me about 4 rides of an hour or more miles to get used to the drop, but once I did i really enjoyed them. I tested four of my usual routes: flats, rolling hills, flagstaff, and a 3 hour ride and rode faster on all of them. Yes it could be that I was trying to be faster on them and skew the results, yes all the conditions weren’t the same and maybe i might have been getting fitter, but for me, I enjoyed the comfort for my overall position on the bike. It felt a bit easier breathing, pedaling, and staying in a power riding position. But again, nothing scientific, just my personal preference and needs. I like them and enjoy riding with them. As with anything in our sport,…

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