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Great Review Of The BP4 Handlebar By Bikeleptic

BP4 Handlebars got some great feedback from a very cool women who, by her own admission, said cycling saved her life. Review by Halley from Bikeleptic. I was given the opportunity to go to Las Vegas for 4 days to go to Interbike. This is an annual bike industry experience to preview the 2015 innovations, network with other people in the cycling industry and more. This blog entry is part of a series. Be sure to check in for them all! I set my alarm for 8am just in case but ended up waking about an hour earlier. Time is fluid in the casinos. Sometimes it goes very fast and sometimes it creeps by at a snail’s pace. When you are inside with no windows and air conditioning it is impossible to tell. Even walking across a sky bridge I noted the heavy tinting tricking you as to the time of day. After throwing on some clothes, we wandered downstairs from the 15th floor and were immediately greeted coincidentally by a couple industry folks that we knew from Portland who let us know that House of Blues was relatively empty. This was refreshing considering the text I had received from another friend saying that they were in the “four-mile Starbucks line” and the similar one we passed at the buffet. Despite the menu being designed by famous chef Aaron Sanchez, both Brad and I found the food bland. My assumption is that they don’t overly season food in Las Vegas due to the...
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Craig Hummer Interview For BP4 Handlebars

Craig Hummer From Universal Sports With Cody Oakland Talking About The BP4 Handlebar.

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