February 24, 2015 by

What Are The Best Handlebars For Climbing?

So, you want to know about the best handlebars for climbing. Lucky for you, you found this article. I will go through what you should look for when finding the right handlebars to help you climb like a mountain goat. For the better part of a century, road cycling handlebars have not made much headway in giving you, the rider, the best of all worlds when it comes to differing conditions and situations. Let me explain. The real estate that all bars provide are the tops, the hoods and the drops. These 3 positions, up until now, have been what you got to choose from to ride uphill, downhill, headwind and any combination of those situations. So, what are you looking for when it comes to climbing? A biomechanically correct position, that’s what you are looking for. I have been riding for over 30 years and I can tell you from experience that I didn’t know what I was missing, position wise, until I got what I was missing. Well, that sounds confusing! Since all bars give you the same standard positions, you either used the tops and the hoods as your “go to” positions. There is a problem with that. The tops are not comfortable (admit it) because they are flat and twist(over pronate) the wrists, thus causing you to bring muscles into the effort that don’t belong, like the pectoralis major, minor and deltoids. This added added workload takes energy away from where it needs to go (the…

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