54mm BP4 drop/angle position has been used in our design to acquire the biomechanics for optimizing rider position, which will also lower the hoods by this amount. Our test riders have experienced many different set ups, looks like it comes down to rider preference and styles. A +8 or +10 stem will offset the hood drop of 54mm. We have also found adding stem length of 10 to 30mm has improved rider positioning during set up. Some riders just flipped their stem gaining a +2 or +4 and were ok, others did nothing and enjoyed a more aggressive position while riding on the hoods and drops. Every rider is different depending on fitness levels, flexibility and riding preferences, we think this angle can benefit all riders of all abilities once a set up is completed to their satisfaction. We have noticed riders prefer the more upright BP4 position 70% usage compared to the hoods (which was previously used by them around 80% of their riding.)

For best results mount the brake/shifters in the most rear position )towards you, about 1cm more than standard position you currently have.) Once done you can rotate bars forward a tad (brakes towards front wheel) this will bring the angle toward you and into play more. It could help to carry an alien wrench on your first ride and make adjustments as you go. Stay on flats and go easy until you find the comfort zone. If you have an adjustable stem you can experiment with bar height on road then switch to a fixed stem.

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