Riding Nyes Place 20% Grade With Tim Z On BP4 Handlebars

We asked Tim Z if he would like to ride a 20% climb on our BP4 Design handlebars. Since he has been riding them since late 2014 and has a lot on miles on them, he said sure. I have to tell you that 20% grade is a real gut buster. Cars strain to get up that steep of a grade. It was the perfect place to do the photo shoot and video that shows how the BP4 Handlebar allows the rider to be in a biomechnically and anatomically correct position. By putting the body, hands, in proper alignment, the ability to transfer power to the pedals is amplified. Hip angel opens up, chest is relaxed because the hands are not over pronated which can cause constriction in breathing. Tim performed like a champ and said he needs a pair for his tandem because regular bars did not feel good anymore. I asked him how much time he spends on the BP4 position in relation to the hoods and the drops. Keep in mind that most riders spend 80-90% of their time on the hoods because the standard tops are not comfortable and the drops are, well, drops. He said that he now spends 90% of his time in the BP4 position. We are creating converts in growing numbers with great reviews (Team BP4) from our riders. Enjoy the photos and video.

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