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Read what is being said about the latest innovation in road cycling handlebars. The BP4 is a game changer for improved comfort, performance and aerodynamics. Isn’t it time to make a change to something that has remained the same for 100 years? ya, I thought so…

BP4 Design Successfully Reinvents the Century – Old Classic Road Handlebar

Innovative bike handlebar design manufacturer introduces an improved handlebar that elevates bike rider performance and comfort with an ergonomically optimized design.

Corona del Mar, CA (PRWEB) September 10, 2014

BP4 Design, a new bicycle handlebar manufacturer, has successfully redesigned the century old classic road handlebar. Wind tunnel tested and lab proven, the patented BP4 easily outperformed all of its competition. After years of development, BP4 Design modernized the classic bar by adding an ergonomic angle to the top of the bar. By matching the natural hand contour and wrist posture of the rider, it not only provides advanced aerodynamics and enhanced comfort, it also increases the rider’s power and VO2 efficiency. To debut its product, BP4 Design and its BP4 Breakaway Pro 4 will be at this year’s Interbike Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 10-12.

“BP4 Design looks to disrupt cycling’s standard road handlebar with patented position,” said Rich LaPorte, BP4 Design’s inventor and Founder. “The classic road handlebar design hasn’t advanced much in decades. BP4 Design is here to change that.”

Drawing from years of research and development, the BP4 was created to offer bike enthusiasts a way to enhance their riding performance and comfort. In March 2014, the BP4 was tested in the FASTER Lab located in Scottsdale, AZ. Noted as having the world’s first commercial grade, low speed wind tunnel built for cyclists, FASTER Speed Lab tested the BP4 using multiple riders. The results confirmed that the BP4 outperformed traditional handlebars in wind drag (saved 51 seconds over 40k vs. the classic design) and power (produced an average of 20 watts more power), as well as breathing rate (saving 12 breaths per minute) and overall biometrics. Simply, it allows cyclists a more aerodynamic ride that requires less effort while achieving increased speed.

The Interbike Trade Show will be held at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada, September 10-12, 2014. Known as the largest annual gathering of bike enthusiasts, it draws over 20,000 annual attendees and hundreds of exhibitors. BP4 Design is ready to showcase its patented design. “Prepare to meet the newest road handlebar technology available,” said LaPorte.

About BP4 Design

Founded by the inventor of the BP4 breakaway handlebar, Rich LaPorte, BP4 Design was started in effort to improve the sport of cycling. Its premier product, the BP4 Breakaway Pro 4, reinvents the century old classic road handlebar.

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