Once Upon A Time…

March 29, 2015

Imagine a time in cycling’s history when all road bike handlebars had an extra bend in them. It would only seem natural to design them for the way all 7+ billion people on the planet are designed. Oh, everyone would be riding around in such comfort. Climbs were made easier because of correct biomechanics and anatomical positions, headwinds were cut through like a hot knbp4photomarcucsmallife through butter and descending was tight, controlled and comfortable. Shoulder and chest muscles were relaxed and not wasting energy trying to hold a potion that is not natural to us humans. Some would call it the utopian era of cycling. The handlebars would look something like the ones on the right.

Oh, but that was just a fantasy. For whatever reason, that design was never created. The masses were doomed to ride the only design that everybody accepted as “normal”. The problem with normal is that it is that way because everyone accepts it that way. It is like the old story of the Emperor Has No Clothes. If nobody says anything, than it is status quo. But…the people knew something wasn’t quite right with what they were all riding. Numb hands, sore wrists and general discomfort were the order of the day.

Moving ahead about a century, we find ourselves faced with the design that was always meant to be. This new design we see today scared the villagers. They did not know what to make of it. It looked “different.” What are we to do with change? Change is hard. Change is scary. Change is progress. Change is inevitable… Fortunately, the BP4 came into existence to give the people of the world another choice. A choice to be in the right biomechanical and anatomical position for every type of terrain one might find out on the roads of world. Due away with numb fingers and hands. Due away with sore wrists. It is time to rise and be counted among those that would say “no more” and decide (based on research and a growing legion of adoring fans) that this is the way to go.

And everyone rode happily ever after…the end…actually, it’s the beginning. But that’s another story…