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BP4 Shows The Proof is In The Pudding

The data  in the link(see big orange results button) shows a comparison of ten cyclist using standard “tops” position vs BP4 position. The workloads are identical, performed on a calibrated Velodyne Ergometer using the subjects own bikes. A medical grade SensorMedics Vmax metabolic cart was calibrated before each assessment and used to collect the metabolic data. Each workload was 5 minutes long and is used in the spread sheet below for rider comparisons. The two VO2 test for each rider were performed one week apart at the same time of day using the same training volume and diet for each week prior to testing. As can plainly be seen, the BP4 position was beneficial for 6 out of the 10 riders in this experiment. This may or may not seem to be a huge win for us, but consider what the position of the rider was. Each participant rode on a flat grade in a lab. No wind, no changes in incline or decline. All we did was change the angle of the hands on the tops. Under those conditions, it was not expected that we would  have much of a change in rider physiological response, but as one can see from the tabulated breakdown, 6 of the riders had a better VE and some had a better VO2. A better VO2 from changing hand position? That’s crazy, but it’s true. What is not seen in these results were the riders feedback about how they felt while riding in the…

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BP4 Goes South of the Border For A Win

BP4 Goes South of the Border For A Win One of our newest fans to the BP4 family is Juan Manual Yapur from beautiful Mexico. He has been riding the most anatomically and biomechanically correct handlebars long enough to discover the benefits in comfort and performance. Here is a review he posted on Facebook. I used the translator since the original is in Spanish. You will understand the gist of it. Report for all four of my readers, friends and clients: After several weeks of training and competing with my new handlebars bp4 - design I have the following report: What Mount without making any additional changes on the bike. Immediately note that my position has improved significantly, down to the height of the various positions on the handlebars: the position in the controls is now more advanced and low. The new position allows a gesture more relaxed and aerodynamics. Rolling in the peleton, holding the controls I'm more aerodynamic than before and in the new position with hands, arms and shoulders more relaxed. In position of maximum effort or "Tempo" (for example a leak in solitary) in the new position and folding his arms my position is very similar to running aero-bars. Demarrages in violent attacks or packaging for the curvature of the handlebars this significantly more aggressive. Improving-in my opinion - the speed of the art. Without a doubt a great invention of my amigo Richard Laporte that puts our reach superior comfort and proven performance. Get your...
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BP4 Handlebars Asks, Does Better Climbing Matter?

You’re damn right climbing matters. Look how many great races have been won on grueling days in the Alps and other rigorous areas. This years Vuelta (2015) was decided on a mountain stage. Fabio Aru was a minute behind going into stage 20 of this years edition and made up that time, and more, on where? You guessed it, a mountain stage. The mountain stages are where the real metal of a rider is pushed to the limits and often it is not WHO is the best rider, but who can stand the most punishment. There are many factors that go into what kind of day a rider will have on race day. These factors include nutrition, hydration, equipment(the right equipment, but I’ll get to that later), mental state, conditioning, and the list goes on. If all of the factors were even(crazy idea to think so, but go with me on this) what could make such a glaring difference that, with all things being equal, you could win every time. What the hell did I just say? Hold your horses, I’ll get to that. In the last few decades there have been some amazing changes in bike components and positioning. It seems today that everything is about being “aero”, and that is a good thing right? Well, not always. There is a point when too much emphasis is placed on “cuuting” through the wind better than the next guy. This all well and good until “power starts to get sacrificed…

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BP4 Handlebars-What’s So F@$%ing Hard To Understand?

You know when you have something so special and so game changing, and frankly, so simple, that when you show it to people, one of two things happen. I have found that over the last 18 months that we have been riding, and testing, the BP4 Handlebar, there are  2 very different camps. Most riders I would say are in the “traditional” camp and are just in love with the way things have always been. Go ahead and make minor adjustments, but don’t you screw with history. This group looks at our design and their heads almost burst into flames. They cry out, “the hoods are too low!” “Oh my god, what have you done to my beloved hoods?” You know why you love your hoods sooooo much? The reason no one talks about is because the tops SUCK! Yep, I said it, the tops suck, and no one in 108 years did anything about it because it would change tradition. Well screw tradition. How about performing better in a position that never existed before. We took a crappy piece of real estate (tops if you were confused) and put the Taj Mahal in it’s place. I mean really, what is it about changing such an old and antiquated design that makes riders run in horror. Maybe it’s just me, but I am always looking for ways to improve comfort AND performance. When was the last time a road bar did that? Answer:never. There is another camp here where the…

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Riding Nyes Place 20% Grade With Tim Z On BP4 Handlebars

Riding Nyes Place 20% Grade With Tim Z On BP4 Handlebars We asked Tim Z if he would like to ride a 20% climb on our BP4 Design handlebars. Since he has been riding them since late 2014 and has a lot on miles on them, he said sure. I have to tell you that 20% grade is a real gut buster. Cars strain to get up that steep of a grade. It was the perfect place to do the photo shoot and video that shows how the BP4 Handlebar allows the rider to be in a biomechnically and anatomically correct position. By putting the body, hands, in proper alignment, the ability to transfer power to the pedals is amplified. Hip angel opens up, chest is relaxed because the hands are not over pronated which can cause constriction in breathing. Tim performed like a champ and said he needs a pair for his tandem because regular bars did not feel good anymore. I asked him how much time he spends on the BP4 position in relation to the hoods and the drops. Keep in mind that most riders spend 80-90% of their time on the hoods because the standard tops are not comfortable and the drops are, well, drops. He said that he now spends 90% of his time in the BP4 position. We are creating converts in growing numbers with great reviews (Team BP4) from our riders. Enjoy the photos and video. Superior Comfort. Proven Performance. Shop our Carbon...
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Prologue Cycling Reviews The BP4 Design Position

BP4 Handlebar Promises a Faster Ride with Less Effort A higher power output with less effort, that is the claim that BP4 Design makes about their BP4 handlebar. Cyclists are always seeking ways to gain an advantage over their competitors; a handle bar that promises a faster ride is worth a hard look. In the company’s own words, “The BP4 Design is the first and only patented wind tunnel & lab tested road drop handlebar in the world, proven to elevate rider performance. The patented BP4 handlebar position allows the rider to be biomechanically and ergonomically optimized, resulting in superior aerodynamics, enhanced comfort, increased power and greater VO2 efficiency.” The key to the BP4 handlebar is in the unique design and what they refer to as the “breakaway position”.  The BP4 takes the normal road bar design and adds a bend about halfway between the stem and the drops that brings the handlebars down about 5cm. This bend creates an angled section you can grip that is somewhat similar in feel to time trial bar extensions. Specifications The BP4 bars are made with T-700 carbon fiber. They are available in 42 or 44cm widths measured center to center. The stem and brake lever mounting areas have a textured, non-slip grit surface to help prevent slippage. Cable grooves located along each side allow the cables to all but disappear once bar tape is applied. The bars have a 77mm reach with a 179 drop. The BP4 angle drops the hoods 54mm. The center of the bar is 31.8mm...
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UCI Handlebar Conformity Rules

This for anyone having any concerns as to whether the BP4 Design Handlebar is UCI compliant…Well here it is from the governing body… Dear Richard, Sorry for my late reply, I was out of office during the past 3 weeks.  Regarding your handlebars, please make sure that all the rules regarding the position of the handlebars (front extremity behind the vertical line passing 5 cm forward the front wheel axis and the bottom extremity above the height of the wheels including the tires) are respected and there should be no problem to use them in competition.  Kind regards,  Julien Carron  Coordinateur Technologique Technological Coordinator Union Cycliste Internationale Ch. de la Mêlée 12 CH-1860 Aigle

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BP4 Design Aerodynamics Results

BP4 Design put it’s new patented handlebar up against the “accepted” best position for cutting through the wind. The test was done at the indoor velodrome in Carson, Ca. by Jim Manton, owner of Ero-Sports. He utilized the Alphamantis system for determining aerodynamic drag. What you will see as you scroll down the post is that the BP4 position far exceeded the other positions performance making the BP4 position the most aerodynamic, biomechanically and anatomically correct position available. Our position tested faster than hoods and drops. This is consistent with the results we achieved at Faster Labs in Arizona using their wind tunnel. That is not just bravado, it is pure physics…

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BP4 Handlebar Feedback From Cross Bike Review

Review: BP4 Handle bars By Scott Mares | Published Jun 11, 2015 We Liked "So what's up with those funny bars?" Is what is usually said to me these days. These bars remind me of the old Modolo X8 bend bars from back in the day. However these bars are made with one purpose only. To put the rider in a more aerodynamic and ergonomic position while riding their bike all the while being legal with any governing body. After Greg Lemond won the Tour by 8 seconds with funny aero bars the cycling industry has been looking to make the average rodie more aero with out having to have Tri bars. There were several companies that made add on bars. All of them worked to a point. Some became illegal. Cinelli Spinaci bars were a really good idea but were made illegal for mass start events as they were deemed too dangerous. Scott made drop in bars and also BP4 took a different approach to doing aero dynamics than most. Everyone else is interested in getting the rider lower. Well that is all fine and good BUT, the lower you get the rider the more restrictive the breathing becomes, so BP4 noticed that the riders frontal area could be decreased if they just brought in their elbows. To make it natural they needed to rotate the hand up or supinate the hand to about 45 degrees. By rotating the hand the elbow naturally came in and closer to the...
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Ride BP4 And KOM All Over Yourself

BP4 WINS AT SEA OTTER CLASSIC!! Tim Zandbergen BP4 team rider wins his first criterium attempt at Sea Otter classic. Tim is a cat 5 road rider and a cat 1 mountain biker and has been riding the BP4 handlebar for over 6 months. Tim broke away from the field and won by over a minute utilizing the patented BP4 position. BP4 CRUSHES PERSONAL BEST Tim Zandbergen improves personal best by over 1 hour at the famous Belgian Waffle Ride in San Diego ( 7:42:00). BWR consists of 142 miles and 11,000 ft of climbing on gravel, sand, dirt and pavement. Tim says his only change over the last year was mounting the BP4 handlebars..Good Job Tim!  PERFORMANCE GUARANTEED or your money back! Start your KOM’s Today! 40cm, 42cm & 44cm in stockBP4 DESIGN, INC WORLD WIDE PATENTS. BP4 & BP4 DESIGN ARE TRADEMARKED PROPERTIES

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