May 26, 2015 by

BP4 Design Rider of the Month-Stan Achey

There are those out there in the world of sports that are always looking for equipment, supplements and training methods that can make them perform better. When it comes to equipment, I find that cyclists are what you might call “traditionalists”. It can be a hard nut to crack to get riders to adopt something that looks a little different from what they are used to, even though that change can create so much added benefit to performance that looking a little “different” can be a real mental hurdle to over come. This month we would like to give our first ever “rider of the month” shout out to Stan Achey of Vermont. Stan found BP4 online and called to see if we could ship as soon as possible. It didn’t matter to Stan that there were 4 feet of snow in his front yard and a full 8 weeks before he would be able to take them out for some great riding. It took him a few tries to get them dialed in to suit his style, but once he did the KOM’s started coming fast and furious. Did I forget to mention that Stan is 75 years old and a masters criterium champion? Here is a little note he sent to tell us how things are going with his BP4 handlebars. Hi Rich, It is now beautiful here in Vt. It’s taken me awhile to adjust the new bars. I finally installed a Ritchey adjustable stem and raised…

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January 29, 2015 by

What Riders Saying About Their BP4 Handlebars

BP4 Review: I have probably only put so far a few hundred miles but I love the bars. I can see a huge improvement in speed and effiiency. Also, I have felt a lot less shoulder discomfort, in the past any ride over 35 miles or so my shoulders would give out with a lot of pain and since with the BP4 bars barely any and with that I Love the bars more then anything! Thanks, Mark BP4 Review: “I am lucky enough to have gotten a bar to ride for a couple of months here in Boulder. While everyone has different needs, different preferences and different styles of riding, this is my experience of riding them. It took me about 4 rides of an hour or more miles to get used to the drop, but once I did i really enjoyed them. I tested four of my usual routes: flats, rolling hills, flagstaff, and a 3 hour ride and rode faster on all of them. Yes it could be that I was trying to be faster on them and skew the results, yes all the conditions weren’t the same and maybe i might have been getting fitter, but for me, I enjoyed the comfort for my overall position on the bike. It felt a bit easier breathing, pedaling, and staying in a power riding position. But again, nothing scientific, just my personal preference and needs. I like them and enjoy riding with them. As with anything in our sport,…

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January 21, 2015 by

The BP4 Handlebar Review By Cody Oakland

When Rich Laporte asks me to take a look and evaluate his new Breakaway Pro 4 Racing Handlebars, I agreed.   When I saw them for the first time I thought they looked a bit like a Rams horn.  Anytime there is an innovation in an industry, there is a period of adjustment.  That period lasted about 1 minute until I had them in my possession.   I had to look at them from the perspective of an avid cyclist/triathlete and an exercise physiologist.  My first impression was that they felt very natural in my hands.  That natural feel is from the position of the mid bar angle.  From a biomechanical standpoint they place the hands in a more ergonomic position than a traditional set of bars.  The neutral position for the hand is a semi-supinated, semi – pronated  (thumbs up), this keeps the wrist in a more biomechanically and physically straight forward position.  Riding on the upper part of traditional bars can lead to sore wrists and numb fingers do to pressure on sensitive nerves in the hand.   By assuming this neutral position, it spreads the pressure more evenly across the hand and allows the rider to drop into a more aero position without placing unnecessary pressure on the body.

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