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Prologue Cycling Reviews The BP4 Design Position

BP4 Handlebar Promises a Faster Ride with Less Effort A higher power output with less effort, that is the claim that BP4 Design makes about their BP4 handlebar. Cyclists are always seeking ways to gain an advantage over their competitors; a handle bar that promises a faster ride is worth a hard look. In the company’s own words, “The BP4 Design is the first and only patented wind tunnel & lab tested road drop handlebar in the world, proven to elevate rider performance. The patented BP4 handlebar position allows the rider to be biomechanically and ergonomically optimized, resulting in superior aerodynamics, enhanced comfort, increased power and greater VO2 efficiency.” The key to the BP4 handlebar is in the unique design and what they refer to as the “breakaway position”.  The BP4 takes the normal road bar design and adds a bend about halfway between the stem and the drops that brings the handlebars down about 5cm. This bend creates an angled section you can grip that is somewhat similar in feel to time trial bar extensions. Specifications The BP4 bars are made with T-700 carbon fiber. They are available in 42 or 44cm widths measured center to center. The stem and brake lever mounting areas have a textured, non-slip grit surface to help prevent slippage. Cable grooves located along each side allow the cables to all but disappear once bar tape is applied. The bars have a 77mm reach with a 179 drop. The BP4 angle drops the hoods 54mm. The center of the bar is 31.8mm...
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BP4 Handlebar Feedback From Cross Bike Review

Review: BP4 Handle bars By Scott Mares | Published Jun 11, 2015 We Liked "So what's up with those funny bars?" Is what is usually said to me these days. These bars remind me of the old Modolo X8 bend bars from back in the day. However these bars are made with one purpose only. To put the rider in a more aerodynamic and ergonomic position while riding their bike all the while being legal with any governing body. After Greg Lemond won the Tour by 8 seconds with funny aero bars the cycling industry has been looking to make the average rodie more aero with out having to have Tri bars. There were several companies that made add on bars. All of them worked to a point. Some became illegal. Cinelli Spinaci bars were a really good idea but were made illegal for mass start events as they were deemed too dangerous. Scott made drop in bars and also BP4 took a different approach to doing aero dynamics than most. Everyone else is interested in getting the rider lower. Well that is all fine and good BUT, the lower you get the rider the more restrictive the breathing becomes, so BP4 noticed that the riders frontal area could be decreased if they just brought in their elbows. To make it natural they needed to rotate the hand up or supinate the hand to about 45 degrees. By rotating the hand the elbow naturally came in and closer to the...
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Great Review Of The BP4 Handlebar By Bikeleptic

BP4 Handlebars got some great feedback from a very cool women who, by her own admission, said cycling saved her life. Review by Halley from Bikeleptic. I was given the opportunity to go to Las Vegas for 4 days to go to Interbike. This is an annual bike industry experience to preview the 2015 innovations, network with other people in the cycling industry and more. This blog entry is part of a series. Be sure to check in for them all! I set my alarm for 8am just in case but ended up waking about an hour earlier. Time is fluid in the casinos. Sometimes it goes very fast and sometimes it creeps by at a snail’s pace. When you are inside with no windows and air conditioning it is impossible to tell. Even walking across a sky bridge I noted the heavy tinting tricking you as to the time of day. After throwing on some clothes, we wandered downstairs from the 15th floor and were immediately greeted coincidentally by a couple industry folks that we knew from Portland who let us know that House of Blues was relatively empty. This was refreshing considering the text I had received from another friend saying that they were in the “four-mile Starbucks line” and the similar one we passed at the buffet. Despite the menu being designed by famous chef Aaron Sanchez, both Brad and I found the food bland. My assumption is that they don’t overly season food in Las Vegas due to the...
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BP4 Press Release-PR Web

BP4 Press Release Read what is being said about the latest innovation in road cycling handlebars. The BP4 is a game changer for improved comfort, performance and aerodynamics. Isn't it time to make a change to something that has remained the same for 100 years? ya, I thought so... BP4 Design Successfully Reinvents the Century - Old Classic Road Handlebar Innovative bike handlebar design manufacturer introduces an improved handlebar that elevates bike rider performance and comfort with an ergonomically optimized design. Corona del Mar, CA (PRWEB) September 10, 2014 BP4 Design, a new bicycle handlebar manufacturer, has successfully redesigned the century old classic road handlebar. Wind tunnel tested and lab proven, the patented BP4 easily outperformed all of its competition. After years of development, BP4 Design modernized the classic bar by adding an ergonomic angle to the top of the bar. By matching the natural hand contour and wrist posture of the rider, it not only provides advanced aerodynamics and enhanced comfort, it also increases the rider’s power and VO2 efficiency. To debut its product, BP4 Design and its BP4 Breakaway Pro 4 will be at this year’s Interbike Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 10-12. “BP4 Design looks to disrupt cycling’s standard road handlebar with patented position,” said Rich LaPorte, BP4 Design’s inventor and Founder. “The classic road handlebar design hasn’t advanced much in decades. BP4 Design is here to change that.” Drawing from years of research and development, the BP4 was created to offer bike enthusiasts...
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BP4 Handlebar Reviewed By Road Bike Review

BP4’s innovative design increases comfort and claims performance improvement as well. At the Interbike Preview show, we spotted an interesting new take on the century old road handlebar shape. The BP4 carbon has a new shape to it that increases rider comfort by putting the wrists in a more natural and comfortable position. The company also claims increases rider performance in the way of advanced aerodynamics and “increases the rider’s power and V02 efficiency”. BP4 is the company and Rich LaPorte is the inventor. We talked to LaPorte and he said, “BP4 Design looks to disrupt cycling’s standard road handlebar with patented positions. The classic road handlebar design hasn’t advanced much in decades. BP4 Design is here to change that.”

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