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Once Upon A Time…

Imagine a time in cycling’s history when all road bike handlebars had an extra bend in them. It would only seem natural to design them for the way all 7+ billion people on the planet are designed. Oh, everyone would be riding around in such comfort. Climbs were made easier because of correct biomechanics and anatomical positions, headwinds were cut through like a hot knife through butter and descending was tight, controlled and comfortable. Shoulder and chest muscles were relaxed and not wasting energy trying to hold a potion that is not natural to us humans. Some would call it the utopian era of cycling. The handlebars would look something like the ones on the right. Oh, but that was just a fantasy. For whatever reason, that design was never created. The masses were doomed to ride the only design that everybody accepted as “normal”. The problem with normal is that it is that way because everyone accepts it that way. It is like the old story of the Emperor Has No Clothes. If nobody says anything, than it is status quo. But…the people knew something wasn’t quite right with what they were all riding. Numb hands, sore wrists and general discomfort were the order of the day. Moving ahead about a century, we find ourselves faced with the design that was always meant to be. This new design we see today scared the villagers. They did not know what to make of it. It looked “different.” What are we…

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Best Road Bike Handlebars

Sooo, your looking for the best handlebars for your road bike. If you are reading this page, and I know you are, you have just stumbled upon the first real innovation in handlebar design, and the best road bike handlebars, in a 100 years. Now I know when it comes to innovation there is not always a clear benefit in performance, comfort, aerodynamics, etc. You get the point. Sometimes innovations are not always an improvement , they are just change for the sake of change. I am happy to tell you that the “change” and “innovation” I will describe to you in detail (grab a tasty beverage and settle in) will either have you drinking the kool-aid or you will keep riding the same’ol design you have always known. What you will discover here is that sometimes when a design is modified just a little, and in this case that is what happened, it improves your position on the bike dramatically. Sounds like a big statement Cody. Yes it is, and I have the data, research and rider reviews to back it up. What is this new design and why does it make such a profound change in performance, comfort and aerodynamics? Wow, you ask some really great questions. The big change is that we put a bend where there was no bend before. That’s it just to your right. Cool isn’t it. They not only look cool, they give you improved comfort, increased performance and aerodynamics. Did I read…

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Are Road Cycling Handlebars Aerodynamic?

To be aerodynamic or not aerodynamic, that is the question: That is a very good question. The industry would like to think so, but the bottom line is that handlebars are NOT aerodynamic, you are, or you should be. Let’s take a look at how this all got started shall we. Bike companies are always trying to improve how fast a human can move through space. They do this by tweeking the tubes of  bikes, use different shaped spokes, cool pointy helmets, water bottle cages etc. All this to make you, the rider, cut through the air like a hot knife through butter. These can all add up to improved speed and reduced times, especially for racing, but they do not address the main factor in getting aero, and that is you, the rider. When we look at how we are on the bike, there are 3 points of contact, the seat, pedals and handlebars. What I have seen over the years are innovations in pedal technology for comfort and function (no improvements in aero here), and the seat just needs to be as comfy as possible. You know where I haven’t seen any work done? You guessed it, the handlebars. Why is that? All this wind tunnel testing to decrease the drag coefficient, did I mention they do most of this testing without a rider? But I digress. The last big change was when Greg LaMond used aero bars to win the Tour De France, he came out of…

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Where Can I Buy The BP4 Handlebars?

Well,You Can Buy Your BP4 Handlebars RIGHT HERE BP4 Handlebars Are Available here at Team As a cyclist, that is one of the smartest questions you will ever ask. Fortunately for you, you have found the place that will make your new best pair of BP4 handlebars can be purchased. Now we know that a change in design that essentially has not been updated in about a century, you probably have some questions. Over the past 3 years, yes 3 years, we determined what was the ideal bend (45 degrees) in the “tops” of a conventional bar and had the first bars made. It didn’t take much tweeking to dial them in and get the finished product. Where can I get the “real” data on the BP4 handlebars? We have provided links in the navigation bar leading you to the data we have accumulated that show the “real” data that will bring not only improved comfort, but increased performance and aerodynamics. I have provided the links here to make it easier to find the facts about these amazing bars. Stats, wind tunnel testing.

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