Where Can I Buy The BP4 Handlebar?

January 27, 2015

bp4logoLucky you for finding everything you need to know about the BP4 Handlebar. Feel free to investigate all the info we have here, and when you’re ready, hit that big buy sign and discover what has so many people talking. Superior comfort AND improved performance? I mean, all we did was put a bend in a bar that has not changed in about a century. Well, it turns out that that “bend” puts you, and all humans, in a biomechanically correct position for cycling. We were originally looking for a more comfortable ride(we got that in spades), what we did not know was the improvement in performance, power transfer to the pedals and aerodynamics. Believe me, when the data came back from the Faster Wind Tunnel and some VO2 hill climbing in the lab, we knew we had what the world of cycling had been waiting for. The wait is over, get yours here.