BP4’s innovative design increases comfort and claims performance improvement as well.

At the Interbike Preview show, we spotted an interesting new take on the century old road handlebar shape. The BP4 carbon has a new shape to it that increases rider comfort by putting the wrists in a more natural and comfortable position. The company also claims increases rider performance in the way of advanced aerodynamics and “increases the rider’s power and V02 efficiency”.

BP4 is the company and Rich LaPorte is the inventor. We talked to LaPorte and he said, “BP4 Design looks to disrupt cycling’s standard road handlebar with patented positions. The classic road handlebar design hasn’t advanced much in decades. BP4 Design is here to change that.”


They have tested in the FASTER Lab located in Scottsdale, AZ and they have data that claims improved drag rate, improved rider breathing rate and better overall biometrics. For a look at the complete white paper from BP4 about their testing, click here: https://bp4.bike/BP4-Whit-Paper.pdf

Here is short video clip showing BP4 testing in the FASTER Lab wind tunnel:

While we haven’t tried these bars on a ride, picking it up in your hands and holding them the shape is definitely more natural and offers more comfortable positions. The T700 carbon has a nice gloss finish to it and the weave is classic carbon fiber. If you ride in the drops a lot, these bars probably aren’t for you. However, if you are like the majority of riders out there, you spend most of your time holding the tops of your bars, you might want to give these a feel.

For BP4, Interbike is the world wide launch of their new product that will be on the market in approximately 10 to 11 weeks (late November of 2014). The MSRP is $395 and the weight of the BP4 carbon is 280 grams for a 44cm width. There will be a 42cm wide version that will be available in late December. The alloy version shown was just for initial testing, the final product will be available in carbon only.

For more information visit www.teambp4.bike

This article is part of RoadBikeReview’s coverage of the 2014 Interbike trade show in Las Vegas. For more from Interbike CLICK HERE.

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