BP4 Goes South of the Border For A Win

One of our newest fans to the BP4 family is Juan Manual Yapur from beautiful Mexico. He has been riding the most anatomically and biomechanically correct handlebars long enough to discover the benefits in comfort and performance. Here is a review he posted on Facebook. I used the translator since the original is in Spanish. You will understand the gist of it.

Report for all four of my readers, friends and clients:
After several weeks of training and competing with my new handlebars bp4 – design I have the following report:
What Mount without making any additional changes on the bike. Immediately note that my position has improved significantly, down to the height of the various positions on the handlebars: the position in the controls is now more advanced and low. The new position allows a gesture more relaxed and aerodynamics.
Rolling in the peleton, holding the controls I’m more aerodynamic than before and in the new position with hands, arms and shoulders more relaxed.
In position of maximum effort or “Tempo” (for example a leak in solitary) in the new position and folding his arms my position is very similar to running aero-bars.
Demarrages in violent attacks or packaging for the curvature of the handlebars this significantly more aggressive. Improving-in my opinion – the speed of the art.
Without a doubt a great invention of my amigo Richard Laporte that puts our reach superior comfort and proven performance.
Get your BP4 Handlebars and experience the difference.

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