BP4 Design Rider of the Month-Stan Achey

May 26, 2015

There are those out there in the world of sports that are always looking for equipment, supplements and training methods that can make them perform better. When it comes to equipment, I find that cyclists are what you might call “traditionalists”. It can be a hard nut to crack to get riders to adopt something that looks a little different from what they are used to, even though that change can create so much added benefit to performance that looking a little “different” can be a real mental hurdle to over come. This month we would like to give our first ever “rider of the month” shout out to Stan Achey of Vermont. Stan found BP4 online and called to see if we could ship as soon as possible. It didn’t matter to Stan that there were 4 feet of snow in his front yard and a full 8 weeks before he would be able to take them out for some great riding. It took him a few tries to get them dialed in to suit his style, but once he did the KOM’s started coming fast and furious. Did I forget to mention that Stan is 75 years old and a masters criterium champion? Here is a little note he sent to tell us how things are going with his BP4 handlebars.

Hi Rich, It is now beautiful here in Vt. It’s taken me awhile to adjust the new bars. I finally installed a Ritchey adjustable stem and raised it to the highest angle. Works fine. I found that you cannot rotate the bars in the stem as then the BP4 angle is wrong and puts torque on your wrists. So I kept adjusting the shifter levers and wrapping and unwrapping the bars with some cheap tape. Now I have them where I want them and have the Lizard Skins on and so far they are quite comfortable. Today I climbed a bit, not a long climb, but a 13%er for about a half mile. I’m still in the ‘slug’ stage physically but I’m very encouraged. I looked back at last year’s rides in the same time period and today was about .6 mph faster for this 24.4 mile route that includes the aforementioned climb. I’m an old guy(75yrs) so conditioning takes a bit longer than you young bucks. I’ll know better in about a month. I’ll keep you posted. Attached are some pics you might enjoy. Feel free to use them and my comments in your promo material. We” talk again after some longer climbs. Cheers. Stan

Check out Stan’s Steed

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