BP4 Design Handlebars-Fixing A Century Old Problem

May 26, 2015

You know when you see the same thing over and over and you know there is an answer to the problem? I see it on the roads. I see that in these photos. Do you see it? I made it real easy. Just look for the arrows. Do you recognize what’s going on here? If not, let me lay it out for you. There are over 7 billion people on this planet and we all have the same basic body. When you stand with your arms next to our sides, what do you see? What you see is your hands rotated in at about a 45 degree angle. Now look at the arrows again. What is plainly obvious is the riders hands are naturally rotating to our anatomically correct position, but the bars are straight and do not support a natural hand position.

All 3 photos were taken on various climbs to demonstrate when working hard on any climb, the body wants to be in it’s most effective and natural position. Up until the beginning of 2015, cyclists did not have a remedy for this apparent over sight in handlebar design. Well, fortunately for all cyclists the world over, there is finally an answer to a very old problem. The answer is the BP4 Handlebar designed and manufactured by BP4 Design. I’m really going to connect the dots for you now. Scroll down to the 4th photo(sans arrows) and you can easily see what we did to the shape. Yes, that’s right, we put the same angle in the bar as all of us humans have.

handsarrow3 handsarrow2 handsarrow1

Now, are you ready to see what happens when you add problem A with answer B? I knew you would. You can clearly see what happens when our natural design is taken into account and the need to roll the wrists to find comfort is eliminated. What happens to your drive and power when your hands are resting on your pinkies? You already knew the answer. Power and drive go right in the toilet. Your only option, until now, was to go to the hoods or stand. What should have always been the best position for seated climbing was not available because it was not designed to anatomical specs. Now it is, and now you can climb better and deliver more power and drive to the pedals. You’re welcome…