Best Road Bike Handlebars

March 19, 2015

Sooo, your looking for the best handlebars for your road bike.

If you are reading this page, and I know you are, you have just stumbled upon the first real innovation in handlebar design, and the best road bike handlebars, in a 100 years. Now I know when it comes to innovation there is not always a clear benefit in performance, comfort, aerodynamics, etc. You get the point. Sometimes innovations are not always an improvement , they are just change for the sake of change. I am happy to tell you that the “change” and “innovation” I will describe to you in detail (grab a tasty beverage and settle in) will either have you drinking the kool-aid or you will keep riding the same’ol design you have always known.

What you will discover here is that sometimes when a design is modified just a little, and in this case that is what happened, it bp4fbsizeimproves your position on the bike dramatically. Sounds like a big statement Cody. Yes it is, and I have the data, research and rider reviews to back it up. What is this new design and why does it make such a profound change in performance, comfort and aerodynamics? Wow, you ask some really great questions. The big change is that we put a bend where there was no bend before. That’s it just to your right. Cool isn’t it.

They not only look cool, they give you improved comfort, increased performance and aerodynamics. Did I read that right? Yes, yes you did. We have spent the last year in the wind tunnel, doing VO2 testing on climbs, and even the velodrome to see just what we had in this new design. The results came in and we saw that everything we thought, and more, was true.

There is a little something called proper biomechanics when it comes to human anatomy as it relates how we move. When we are out of alignment, we cannot perform up to our optimal levels because our bodies/limbs are not in their ideal positions. What happens when those positions are corrected and optimized? Cue music from Jeopardy…You guessed it, proper alignment leads to better performance and power output. Let me give you a related example. Let’s say you did the 100 meter dash with your toes turned in. How well would you muscles work to drive you forward? Would the position of your hips be a problem? The answer is yes and yes. Now let’s use that same example for the hand position on the tops of your bars. With the hands in a pronated/flat position, how much torque can you apply before the wrists ache from being over pronated? Would this lead to a reduction of how hard you could drive power to the pedals? The answer again is yes and yes. Oh, but you’ll say, I’ll just go to the hoods like I always do. That’s great, but you would be missing out on a more upright, open chest and shoulder (easier and deeper breathing), neutral hand position that is also more aerodynamic than the hoods and the drops AND you can deliver more power to the pedals! Wow, that was a mouthful.

What I’m trying to tell you here is that when a new innovation comes along that looks a little different (some have said it looks wicked and sexy) and brings with it improvements in multiple areas, it just might be the edge your looking for in  your racing or just your riding in general. Remember I said it was more comfortable too? So the only question left is, where do I buy it? I’m glad you asked. Just click this link and get ready for the best riding of your life.