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BP4 Handlebars Asks, Does Better Climbing Matter?

You’re damn right climbing matters. Look how many great races have been won on grueling days in the Alps and other rigorous areas. This years Vuelta (2015) was decided on a mountain stage. Fabio Aru was a minute behind going into stage 20 of this years edition and made up that time, and more, on where? You guessed it, a mountain stage. The mountain stages are where the real metal of a rider is pushed to the limits and often it is not WHO is the best rider, but who can stand the most punishment. There are many factors that go into what kind of day a rider will have on race day. These factors include nutrition, hydration, equipment(the right equipment, but I’ll get to that later), mental state, conditioning, and the list goes on. If all of the factors were even(crazy idea to think so, but go with me on this) what could make such a glaring difference that, with all things being equal, you could win every time. What the hell did I just say? Hold your horses, I’ll get to that. In the last few decades there have been some amazing changes in bike components and positioning. It seems today that everything is about being “aero”, and that is a good thing right? Well, not always. There is a point when too much emphasis is placed on “cuuting” through the wind better than the next guy. This all well and good until “power starts to get sacrificed…

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September 7, 2015 by

BP4 Handlebars-What’s So F@$%ing Hard To Understand?

You know when you have something so special and so game changing, and frankly, so simple, that when you show it to people, one of two things happen. I have found that over the last 18 months that we have been riding, and testing, the BP4 Handlebar, there are  2 very different camps. Most riders I would say are in the “traditional” camp and are just in love with the way things have always been. Go ahead and make minor adjustments, but don’t you screw with history. This group looks at our design and their heads almost burst into flames. They cry out, “the hoods are too low!” “Oh my god, what have you done to my beloved hoods?” You know why you love your hoods sooooo much? The reason no one talks about is because the tops SUCK! Yep, I said it, the tops suck, and no one in 108 years did anything about it because it would change tradition. Well screw tradition. How about performing better in a position that never existed before. We took a crappy piece of real estate (tops if you were confused) and put the Taj Mahal in it’s place. I mean really, what is it about changing such an old and antiquated design that makes riders run in horror. Maybe it’s just me, but I am always looking for ways to improve comfort AND performance. When was the last time a road bar did that? Answer:never. There is another camp here where the…

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