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Prologue Cycling Reviews The BP4 Design Position

BP4 Handlebar Promises a Faster Ride with Less Effort A higher power output with less effort, that is the claim that BP4 Design makes about their BP4 handlebar. Cyclists are always seeking ways to gain an advantage over their competitors; a handle bar that promises a faster ride is worth a hard look. In the company’s own words, “The BP4 Design is the first and only patented wind tunnel & lab tested road drop handlebar in the world, proven to elevate rider performance. The patented BP4 handlebar position allows the rider to be biomechanically and ergonomically optimized, resulting in superior aerodynamics, enhanced comfort, increased power and greater VO2 efficiency.” The key to the BP4 handlebar is in the unique design and what they refer to as the “breakaway position”.  The BP4 takes the normal road bar design and adds a bend about halfway between the stem and the drops that brings the handlebars down about 5cm. This bend creates an angled section you can grip that is somewhat similar in feel to time trial bar extensions. Specifications The BP4 bars are made with T-700 carbon fiber. They are available in 42 or 44cm widths measured center to center. The stem and brake lever mounting areas have a textured, non-slip grit surface to help prevent slippage. Cable grooves located along each side allow the cables to all but disappear once bar tape is applied. The bars have a 77mm reach with a 179 drop. The BP4 angle drops the hoods 54mm. The center of the bar is 31.8mm...
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UCI Handlebar Conformity Rules

This for anyone having any concerns as to whether the BP4 Design Handlebar is UCI compliant…Well here it is from the governing body… Dear Richard, Sorry for my late reply, I was out of office during the past 3 weeks.  Regarding your handlebars, please make sure that all the rules regarding the position of the handlebars (front extremity behind the vertical line passing 5 cm forward the front wheel axis and the bottom extremity above the height of the wheels including the tires) are respected and there should be no problem to use them in competition.  Kind regards,  Julien Carron  Coordinateur Technologique Technological Coordinator Union Cycliste Internationale Ch. de la Mêlée 12 CH-1860 Aigle

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BP4 Design Aerodynamics Results

BP4 Design put it’s new patented handlebar up against the “accepted” best position for cutting through the wind. The test was done at the indoor velodrome in Carson, Ca. by Jim Manton, owner of Ero-Sports. He utilized the Alphamantis system for determining aerodynamic drag. What you will see as you scroll down the post is that the BP4 position far exceeded the other positions performance making the BP4 position the most aerodynamic, biomechanically and anatomically correct position available. Our position tested faster than hoods and drops. This is consistent with the results we achieved at Faster Labs in Arizona using their wind tunnel. That is not just bravado, it is pure physics…

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