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BP4 Handlebar Feedback From Cross Bike Review

Review: BP4 Handle bars By Scott Mares | Published Jun 11, 2015 We Liked "So what's up with those funny bars?" Is what is usually said to me these days. These bars remind me of the old Modolo X8 bend bars from back in the day. However these bars are made with one purpose only. To put the rider in a more aerodynamic and ergonomic position while riding their bike all the while being legal with any governing body. After Greg Lemond won the Tour by 8 seconds with funny aero bars the cycling industry has been looking to make the average rodie more aero with out having to have Tri bars. There were several companies that made add on bars. All of them worked to a point. Some became illegal. Cinelli Spinaci bars were a really good idea but were made illegal for mass start events as they were deemed too dangerous. Scott made drop in bars and also BP4 took a different approach to doing aero dynamics than most. Everyone else is interested in getting the rider lower. Well that is all fine and good BUT, the lower you get the rider the more restrictive the breathing becomes, so BP4 noticed that the riders frontal area could be decreased if they just brought in their elbows. To make it natural they needed to rotate the hand up or supinate the hand to about 45 degrees. By rotating the hand the elbow naturally came in and closer to the...
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Ride BP4 And KOM All Over Yourself

BP4 WINS AT SEA OTTER CLASSIC!! Tim Zandbergen BP4 team rider wins his first criterium attempt at Sea Otter classic. Tim is a cat 5 road rider and a cat 1 mountain biker and has been riding the BP4 handlebar for over 6 months. Tim broke away from the field and won by over a minute utilizing the patented BP4 position. BP4 CRUSHES PERSONAL BEST Tim Zandbergen improves personal best by over 1 hour at the famous Belgian Waffle Ride in San Diego ( 7:42:00). BWR consists of 142 miles and 11,000 ft of climbing on gravel, sand, dirt and pavement. Tim says his only change over the last year was mounting the BP4 handlebars..Good Job Tim!  PERFORMANCE GUARANTEED or your money back! Start your KOM’s Today! 40cm, 42cm & 44cm in stockBP4 DESIGN, INC WORLD WIDE PATENTS. BP4 & BP4 DESIGN ARE TRADEMARKED PROPERTIES http://www.teambp4.bike

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